Excellent Access: Kaba Receives Design Awards

The new Kaba corporate product design received three of the coveted IF Product Design Awards

iF_award_t Kaba sets value in quality, functionality and design in the development of its products. The new products in the new timeless-clear design already found great recognition at the first presentation in fall 2010. The uniform corporate product design enthuses with its clear form language and high brand recognition value. Now three products and product families have been distinguished with the international IF Product Design Award.

Timeless and Distinct: Kaba Reader Family

IF_Award_reader Grand scale high technology is concealed behind the prize winning design. The new Kaba reader convinces not only by good design but also by its wide application range and new security concepts. The readers are an important part of Kaba online and stand-alone access systems and fit discretely into the most different surroundings. An important component is also the good user interface: The user is intuitively guided through the building by optical and acoustic signals.

First Class Design: Kaba Digital Cylinder

IF_Award_digital The completely newly designed Kaba digital cylinder is characterized by a new look, innovative feel, and visual and acoustic access signals. Like the Kaba readers, the most modern RFID technologies and security concepts are employed. The electronics are especially powerful and at the same time very energy efficient. The modular construction eases installation: An exitsing mechanical cylinder is replaced in only a few minutes by the Kaba digital cylinder.

Almost too attractive to stay in your pocket: Kaba KeyFob

IF_Award_key-fob The Kaba KeyFob is a central element in Kaba TouchGo systems: Doors are opened simply by touch without using a key. This is made possible by the RCID technology developed by Kaba, which uses the natural electrostatic resistance in the human body. The user carries the key fob in his clothing, handbag or backpack. Simply touching the lever handle is enough to verify access privileges and open the door. TouchGo offers great convience and security.

About the IF Design Award

The iF design awards stand for respectability and tested design and are one of the oldest and most renowned design prizes. They are recognized as a consistant, well known mark for excellent design. Over 2,756 products from over 43 countries were submitted for the IF design awards 2011