Security at residential buildings


As with private individual homes, security at residential buildings is of great importance. Where different parties live together on relatively small space, also the organizational issue becomes more important. Already during the planning phase of residential buildings, a masterkey system has to be set up, defining the individual properties within the house such as flats, cellar blocks and post boxes as well as the public places and rooms such as the main entrance, garage access, etc.
Choosing high quality cylinders especially at public doors (e.g. main entrance) can save costs for exchanging these cylinders frequently, as they will be used by many people each day and poor quality cylinders will wear out quickly.

Alternatively, Kaba mechatronic products like the intelligent door handle Kaba c-lever can be used for main entrance doors: The residents can choose different medias such as cards, watches, tags, etc. to open the main entrance, the access to their flats is granted by the same means or via the classic mechanic key.

This way, the cylinder in the main entrance door does not have to be exchanged due to wearing out or lost keys, as lost cards, tags, etc. can be deleted within the c-lever immediately and will no longer work.