Security at your office




A smooth workflow is a basic requirement for the success of your business. Kaba not only protects your premises from illegal access but also helps to manage access rights of various parties engaged in your business such as employees, visitors, clients, cleaning staff, etc.

A masterkey system made of mechanical Kaba cylinders not only protect your company and its belongings but is also enabling you to manage the workflow within your company. Each key will be defined which door it will be able to open – allowing your staff to enter the building and their special offices, but keeping sensitive areas such as IT-rooms, personnel offices, etc. safe from unwanted visitors.

While our well proven mechanical cylinders offer great security from entering your company illegally, our new mechatronic access control solutions go even further: they not only control who is allowed access but also at what time. Furthermore you can trace back who used which door in the past, making it easy for you to clarify any inconsistencies in your access control.