Panic Door Lock according to EN1125

For public sites

EN 1125 


  • An escape lock according to EN 1125 is used in cases of emergency, in which a panic situation is likely, and for which safe escape through a door with little effort must be guaranteed
  • Operation of the panic lock must be possible without prior knowledge
  • To open doors from the inside push bars or or push handles are mandatory
  • A panic lock is used as the locking element
  • Panic locks can be used with almost all types of door furniture and can be retrofitted as well
EN 1125 Stangengriff 

Areas of Application:

  • Buildings with public traffic, in which the patrons of the building have no knowledge about the function of the panic doors and must be able to operate these with out instructions
  • These are e.g. public offices, recreation facilities, schools, shopping centers


  • Only “tested units” are available
  • Simple operation
  • Panic locks can also be used with mechatronic cylinders and door furniture