Gege Multiple Point Door Lock Series 124

Multiple locking bolts increase your security


Gege Serie 124

Important Features

  • Burglary resistant door lock with 4- or 6-point locking
  • High stability: The lock case is welded to the forend
  • Compact construction, which is additionally supported in the case cover
  • Compact design: slim auxiliary cases and flat slide construction guarantee a shallow milling depth
  • Variable concept for backset and center distance
  • Clamped hub and spring latch
  • Sturdy hub spring
  • Latch lever
  • Slide bar in the middle
  • Can be operated with a standard double lock cylinder without a pinion
  • Double throw bolt
  • Automatic latch block und lever handle release after the first throw
  • The additional bolts are operated by flat slide construction
  • Doors are tested according to ÖNORM B 5338, attack resistance grade 2 and 3
  • Latch can be changed to right/left
  • Case made of plate steel – 1.5 mm
  • Hardened steel main bolt; bolt extraction 2 x 12.5 mm, for the auxiliary bolts 2 x 10mm
  • High strength sinter bolts
  • Forend in decorator silver
  • For fire resistant doors T30

Areas of Application:

  • It is especially suited for security doors in houses and apartment buildings


  • Increased protection against levering out doors