Gege Series 2600 WB2

With anti-core pulling rosette for highest door security with class

Gege Serie 2600 


  • 5-fold bolting
  • Steel base plate
  • Sophisticated lever handles styles
  • Various rosette styles
  • Intermediate door furniture
  • Configurations:
    Lever handle/Lever handle (DD), Rigid knob/Lever handle (KD), Handle/Lever handle (BD)
  • Burglary protection to Austrian Ö-NORM B5351 Protection grade WB2
  • Fire resistant according to Austrian Ö-NORM B3859, T90
  • Suitable for door thicknesses from 37 to 82 mm Please specify the door thickness when ordering
  • Two fastening screws from the inside, anti-core pulling rosette, punched for cylinder barrel (ZK)
  • Hardened steel rosette in the outside shield adjustable to cyinder lengths with support rings.
  • Including support rings in three sizes: 2 x 2 mm, 2 x 1 mm and 1 x 0.5 mm. This covers cylinder standoffs from 16 to 23 mm

Areas of Application:

Ideal for house and apartment front doors


  • Protects the cylinder from tearing off
  • Bolting from the inside prevents disassembly from the outside
  • Increased protection against vandalism by the steel base plate
    under the outside shield and five fastening screws
  • Elegant design and a large selection of surface finishes and lever handle styles
  • Suitable for four lock sizes

Main dimensions

Center distance:

LM = 72 mm, Spindle size 8.0 mm
LM = 85 mm, Spindle size 8.0 mm
LM = 88 mm, Spindle size 8.5 mm  (Austrian Ö-NORM)