Gege Door Lock Series „Ergo“

The new quiet door lock for inside doors.



  • The noise dampening, wear resistant and UV proof latch ensures especially quiet door closing
  • Latch lock (FA)
  • Requirements and dimensions according to Ö-Norm B5350, EN 12209-usage category 2
  • Latch with latch stop, can be changed to right/left, without tools
  • Lock bolt single throw (Model Euro profile PZ2, double throw)
  • Case and lid are made of ELO zinc plated steel sheet
  • ELO zinc plated forend 250 x 18 x 3 mm in decor silver (DS), round (R) model


3 distance sleeves between the case and cover

  • Increase stability
  • The distance sleeve positioned immediately by the lock hub prevents the lockcase from being crimped when installing rosette locksets

Plastic clamp hub

  • The play between the spindle and lock hub is fully compensated by the clamp hub.
    Patent pending.

Lever handle stroke only 25°

  • Ensures more user convenience as with comparable designs

Areas of Application:

  • Inside doors up to 40 kg door weight
  • WC- and bath room doors (WC) with ward key (KB) or Euro profile cylinder without latch lever (PZ)

Main dimensions:

  • Case width: 80 mm
  • Backset: 50 mm
  • Lock forend: 250 x 18 x 3 mm
  • Center distance: 90 mm (Model Euro Profile 88 mm)

Special models:

  • Forend in brass satin, brass polished, stainless steel or yellow zinc plated


  • Quiet door closing
  • Latch is changeable without tools
  • Can be locked with lock cylinder or ward key
  • Increased stability
  • No play between spindle and lock hubLever handle stroke only 25°