This door closer is suitable for inside and outside use. The closing force can be changed without dismantling the door closer, whereby three closing forces from EN2 to EN4 may be selected.

As with DC.C702 the closing speed can be steplessly set in two ranges (180°-15° or. 15°-0°) and can be optionally with a hold open arm (DC.C680.HO - Attention: not CE!). DC.C680 is certified according to EN1154 and EN1634, and is fire resistant according to CE standard.


Technical Data

Technical Data DC.C680
Max. door width 850 mm950 mm1100 mm
Max. door weight 40 kg60 kg80 kg
Can be used right and left  y 
Closing force steplessly adjustableyEN 2EN 3EN 4
Closing speedadjustable 180° - 15° 
Latching speedadjustable 15° - 0° 
Delayed action  n 
Backcheckadjustable n 
Surface finishes  silver 
CertificatesEN 1154, EN 1634 y 
Fire resistant CE  y 
Hold open arm (HO) (not CE)  o 

y...yes, o...option, n...no